Art = Bricolage


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" our own time the 'bricoleur' is still someone who works with his hands and uses devious means compared to those of a craftsman.... The 'bricoleur' is adept at performing a large number of diverse tasks; but, unlike the engineer, he does not subordinate each of them to the availability of raw materials and tools conceived and procured for the purpose of the project." Claude Lévi-Strauss

I feel this best explains my art. My art work becomes handyman stuff, born of restlessness, of curiosity, pushing old techniques. My tinkering concerns making something out of what is at hand, while embodying the essence of the object . My subject matters present themselves to me as worthy of attention visually, nostalgically, and conceptually.


The camera used in the Sepia Photos and French Photogravure is a 12x20 inch Folmer and Schwing "Banquet" Camera from the 1920's.


Prints are made by contact printing the negative or positive on coated sensitized mediums using ultraviolet light.